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Machine Learning & Prediction Platform

We use the latest technology to provide accurate detection and analysis, using machine learning and deep learning techniques to expand beyond traditional boundaries.

Real-time Data Processing

With our real-time data management platform; we process and analyze data immediately after it is created to be able to take required actions on-time.

Remote Site & Device Management

Our environment of inter-communicating intelligent devices continuously listens the city and understand what is happening now. With the machine learning and action platform we immediately act on events.

Text Analytics & Chatbot Platform

Our unique text analytics capabilites are combined with our Chatbot platform Citybot to provide citizens a highly effective and simple way of touching the digital services of the city.

Data & Integration Framework

Our enterprise architects designed an open, performing and scalable data platform to meet growing data needs. Furthermore we provide a single integration framework where we enable to reach and communicate with many external systems.

Operational Efficiency

With all data that is combined, we use this data to increase the efficiency of the city operations in various domains.

We work in partnership with our clients to understand their unique needs, philosophy and working methods.

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