Posted in RAHİM ÇETİNEL 10-10-2019

What I learned from Delphix deployment?

As you may have heard we have successfully delivered first Delphix deployment to one of our customers, the leader in its sector in Turkey. It was a rewarding experience with lots of learned lessons involved. I would like to share my experience from the deployment point of view for a successful Delphix deployment. 

Here are the highlights of a good deployment:

1)   Good champion and IT team

We know that the Delphix works. We know it’s running in thousands of servers accross the world. But knowing is not enough. Making other people see and believe that it’s working is more important. That’s why involving the infrastructure team early and telling them how Delphix works and what the value it brings for them and the business is an important first step for a start. Adding a capable and solution-oriented IT team (system admins, network admins, DBAs) to the mix just makes the problems get solved more smoothly. We were very lucky to have a great champion for Delphix and working with very competent IT people. 

2)   Follow Best Practices

Delphix is running in thousands of servers and environments. All these experiences lead us to list of suggestions also known as Best Practices. They are listed, detailed and quite easy to follow. When we follow best practices, we get the best results Delphix can offer. Surely this will make everybody happy. Diagnosing issues during installation and implementation takes time and effort from specialized resources and is invariably resolved by making sure the best practices have been implemented.


3)   Fast network is a must

Delphix is a magical-looking software but it’s not a wizard’s wand. It can create incredible value but only if it is given the necessary support and the first step of this support is the Fast Network. When I say Fast Network, this means 10Gbps or better network. Less will not be satisfactory. Not for Delphix, not for inside customers waiting to be served with their environments and databases. A side effect (benefit) of implementing Delphix is that it allows customers to identify and solve network bottlenecks in the organization.

4)   Target tweaks in AIX servers and dNFS

When it comes to tweaks to get more from the network or the servers being served or from Delphix, tweaks might be necessary. Since we are working with IP packets then it is best to check in detail what AIX is saying about network and IP packets. Sometimes a configuration that should not be working or should not be affecting the results will behave like a miracle. What I learned about AIX is that, respect and tweak it a lot until you get the best results.

5)   Forward Planning vs Fast Delivery

Delphix can be delivered very, very quickly – you import an OVA file and give it some LUNs of fast storage. However, what is need is to ensure that all the pre-requisites are in place. Every project is important in today’s fast-moving world and every project wants to be served with best and fastest data so that they can be completed and become a value. Sometimes in our haste to serve, it is possible to skip steps and move forward when it is best to slow down and follow the steps. In these times I would suggest caution. Because in your haste it is possible to miscalculate and lose valuable time when trying to recover and correct the small mistakes made.