Posted in Accuras A.Ş. 02-01-2020

Cutting costs with Delphix - 1

In today's fast moving world data is becoming more important with each passing day. Data is becoming more important because companies are trying to connect their customers to the things they want. In the past companies and customers were in a transactional relationship: Company would produce and the customer would buy. This trend is changing and companies provide connected products and services to their customers. And in the center of this new business resides the most valuable assest: data.

In this following blog series I will share my knowledge and experiences and some use cases about how Delphix has helped companies in manipulating their data while cutting costs and providing huge savings.

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Avoid major delays in SAP updates - Updating SAP is a rigorous process and it requires quality data to achieve success. In some cases it may take weeks or months to complete an update process in SAP if there are issues or delays in provisioning data. This was also an issue in one of Delphix' customers: Before Delphix, it took 45 days provisioning data for SAP updates and testing. After Delphix, development teams can provision and refresh data in a matter of hours, not weeks, improving IT agility.