Posted in Accuras A.Ş. 02-01-2020

Cutting costs with Delphix - 2

I am sharing my knowledge and experiences on how Delphix has helped companies in manipulating their data while cutting costs and providing huge savings.

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  • Accelerate Oracle ERP data operations - Very similar to upgrading SAP, Oracle ERP has its own challenges when it comes to data. Providing high quality data to Oracle ERP is always important but a challenging task in some of our customers. This behaviour resulted in some of them as refreshing only once or twice a year. With this particular customer, before Delphix there were difficulties in refreshing data and masking sensitive information in new release staging and testing for their Oracle ERP environment. This resulted in slowness in their ability to keep mission-critical systems up-to-date and performing optimally. After Delphix, our customer was able to refresh data daily. They have also provided Self Service data access to thgeir development and test teams and as a result were successful increasing frequency and accuracy of Oracle ERP system updates.