Posted in Accuras A.Ş. 02-01-2020

Cutting costs with Delphix - 3

I am sharing my knowledge and experiences on how Delphix has helped companies in manipulating their data while cutting costs and providing huge savings.

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  • Faster provisioning of Dev/Test Data - Having an interconnected complex environment is a burden on everyone: operations teams to keep it alive and healthy, business teams to quickly response market challenges and regulations, development and test teams for delivering quickly.... Imagine a place having 100+ applications, 300+ databases, and their related integration. In our customer, it would take upto 7 days to provision 1 environment for a single application project, which often caused environment downtime. Having a downtime also meant developers and testers are waiting for the environments and data. The alternative might be asking operations or Test Support teams to work overtime so that the data and environments can be delivered faster. This resulted inefficiencies and misalignment among coding/testing tasks lead to defects creeping consistently into production systems. After Delphix, it was possible for our customer to transforms their TDM strategy. Now they can provision an their environments and data hours. As a result, minor application releases and upgrades are performed in days instead of weeks.